before any Revolution could start, people had to actually move to Texas. But how? well, lets begin...:)

Manifest Destiny 
-the idea that God wanted people to spread out over the land

due to Manifest Destiny, Americans had begun to colonize Texas, then a part of Mexico...

                         This video shows why colonization happened, and how it happened.


America was not the only country who settled in Texas. Many people from Spain colonized years earlier due to evidence of gold and other riches. Anglo colonization would happen along with Mexican Settling.


Texas had been a place of constant change of rule-
When Spain found out that the French were in Texas, they sent 100 troops over to restablish Spanish Rule. This occured from 1821 to 1836.  Spain would also establish several missions and a presdio to strenghten their establishments.

Spain would expand their empire along the areas in red-most specifically the Texas/mexicoland area.


       Once Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1880, its intentions turned to dealing with the area of land called Texas. Mexicans first settled along the Brazos River in East Texas. Stephen Fuller Austin was then elected to bring over 300 people to this " Texas." This action was repeated many times by various other persons in various amounts.

The areas along which American/Spanish first settled. (the Brazos River) is highlited in blue, and more settlement areas are in light yellow.

(alongside Mexico) 

Anglo-American settling would happen along with the Mexican settlements. many Anglos came to Texas looking for large amounts of cheap land. Because Texas had only recently begun to populate, large quanities of land were available for cheap cost. 

The Anglos were willing to perform any task and abide by any rules toward the Mexican Government in exchange for (you guessed it!) land.

Why was Texas a good place to go?

1. Land was very cheap ($ 1.25 per 80 acres) and could be purchased easily.

2. Because Texas was a new establishment, no actual authority was available to collect taxes (and such).

The first 300 families Stephen Austin settled were referred to as "THE OLD THREE HUNDRED."  

So think of it all this way...


First came Spain, and then,
Mexico came free,
 Anglo, Anglo, Anglo, Anglo, last of all I see.

Photos used under Creative Commons from Esparta, The U.S. Army, Glamour Schatz, Randy OHC